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Cite studio is a diverse motion and design studio with an emphasis and focus in documentary media. 


Our founder and Creative Director is an award-winning Multimedia Journalist, contributing to high priority enterprise content for global media companies. In this time a discipline was developed to balance presentation value with accuracy and journalistic integrity. Cite Studio employs this same discipline to our clients’ work offering pristine design and motion with a formulaic approach to bolstering immersive comprehension and delivering engaging digital assets, upheld to a journalistic standard of facts. 

what else?

Our experience in investigative journalism and visual forensics can aid in not only assets for inclusion in the media but in broadening the scope of your storytelling potential. 


We have years of experience in data journalism and data visualization, making often bewildering leads comprehensive and engaging. 

We can help further your research or findings, synthesizing what you’ve learned with our collaborative, flexible journalistic approach to problem solving.

We can jump in at any point in the production process, in pre-production to help brainstorm the role of graphics and the formula within the story or we can join in late for final polishing and additions. 

We have mastered our output process, giving maximum flexibility managing and customizing assets delivered by Cite Studio. Allowing multiple iterations for language, platforms, standards and the unforeseen. 



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